Chakra Healing Jewelry by Cyndie Lepori
Inspired Jewelry to Soothe the Soul
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My beautiful bracelets and earrings are each created by hand and individually charged with specific healing and balancing energies. They are made from Miracle Beads. Miracle Beads are small beads that are covered in a clear coating that gives each unique color a "luminescence" that reflect the light in very beautiful ways. Each bead seems to have a glow of it's own! Between each bead is a small clear reflective crystal bead that also reflect the light. Each beautiful bracelet is made with a silver dragonfly bead that represents the illusions of life. It is said that dragonflies are dragons in disguise.

The medium bracelet is 7 1/4" long and can be custom made to fit your wrist. They are all created lovingly, and with a stretchy cord, they slip easily over your hand.

To care for your bracelet keep them out of hot soapy water. This will increase the longevity of the colors so that they last for years of enjoyment.
I am delighted to offer these creative and beneficial Chakra Healing bracelets and earrings that I was inspired to create to expand the work I do as an Energy Healer.
 Blessings to all! Cyndie
Contact me directly for a free energy reading to help you decide which bracelet is best for you.
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Cyndie Lepori
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